Circus Opera Daral Shaga @ Théâtre National (January 11-15, 2017)

“A vibrant oratorio on the theme of exile...” L’Echo

“A successful triple somersault for the first circus opera.” RFI

“A circus masterpiece at the opera... An absolute knockout which redefines the genre.” France Inter & ScèneWeb


Daral Shaga is an opera in which circus arts meet theatre and cinema. In this modern tragedy the interweaving path of a returning emigrant and of Nadra and her father, who are heading out in search of a better life, is followed. The piece examines the themes of borders and loss of identity. The challenge here is to incorporate circus into a contemporary opera, whilst at the same time reflecting the violence of the suffering associated with going into exile. 

11-15 January | Théâtre National (Brussels, Belgium)
02 February | Festival Scènes d'Europe (Reims, France)
02-03 March | Les Quinconces (Le Mans, France)
24 March | Le Bateau Feu (Dunkerque, France)
29-30 March | Festival Spring (Caen, France)

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Co-presentation De Munt/La Monnaie & Théâtre National.