New LOD project: De Mensheid (with Josse De Pauw, Claron McFadden & Arnon Grunberg)

Premiere: Thursday June, 1st 2017 (8 pm) at Minardschouwburg Ghent

A good 15 years ago, writer Arnon Grunberg wrote Mankind Be Praised, a pamphlet in which he declared that although mankind may well be greedy, lecherous, violent and cowardly, it can in its defence be said that 'this is all it knows'. All these years later, the writer still stands by the words he wrote. He thinks that the time has come to take up the defence of mankind, to exonerate his species, too long and too often humiliated, from all guilt. Together with actor Josse De Pauw (who requested Mark Schaevers to adapt the piece for the stage), singer Claron McFadden and pianist Kris Defoort he tries to raise man out of the mud. The question that's central to the piece is 'will our heroes succeed?'. This production gives you the answer. 

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