Kris Defoort & Salva Sanchis

At the Concertgebouw's request Kris created in February 2010 a performance with dancer Salva Sanchis. The outcome of their encounter was shown at the COME ON! ACTION! festival -in which improvised music and dance were key.

On the1st and 2nd of July 2010 Kris and Salva performed together again at the Dansand festival in Ostend. Watch the video of their presentation at Dansand here

The next performance will take place at the cultural centre of Strombeek-Bever at the 18th of November 2010.

Choreographer and dancer Salva Sanchis is always looking for the essence of dancing. It's not about the theory, but about the intense live experience of dancing in front of an audience. And because intensity is his goal, improvisation is his tool. A perfect match with Kris Defoort.