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An Old Monk


A joint venture by Kris Defoort and Josse De Pauw is an old idea. Their work schedules have never previously allowed it, but now we have it: An Old Monk. 


An Old Monk with music performance by Kris Defoort Trio

Josse De Pauw performs a piece he wrote himself, with music by Kris Defoort inspired by Thelonious Monk. About wanting to live at all costs. 


We have wanted to do it for a long time and now we are. About the body and the mind and how impossible it is for them to be in tune with one another. Except perhaps during a little dance - Josse De Pauw

1 Do a little dance. A man does a little dance. Body pressed against a dream-body. 

2 A man doesn’t dance anymore or far too rarely. Vain attempts to become a monk. The great yearning is for silence and aloneness. 

3 And then from nowhere the fancy for a little dance comes upon him. Curious whether the pleasure of living is still part of it.

(c) Kurt Van der Elst

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