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Real Time Encounters


After years of working on his compositions, Kris is concentrating again on jazz music. Together with Han Bennink, Salva Sanchis and Wolter Wierbos he returned to the joy of improvisation.

In January en February 2010 Kris Defoort had some exceptional encounters with drummer Han Bennink, dancer Salva Sanchis and trombonist Walter Wierbos.

Kris Defoort & Han Bennink 

(16.01.10 Roma – Antwerp)

Drum phenomenon Han Bennink is back in the picture after the publication of his biography De wereld als een trommel, and the documentary Hazentijd. This Dutchman was in the 60ies an absolute pioneer in the improvised music.

(c) Chris De Blanc 

Kris Defoort & Salva Sanchis 

(16.02.10 Concergebouw – Bruges)

At the Concertgebouw's request, Salva Sanchis and Kris Defoort created a project for the COME ON! ACTION! festival in which improvised music and dance are key. Choreographer and dancer Salva Sanchis is always looking for the essence of dancing. It is not about the theory, but about the intense live experience of dancing in front of an audience. And because intensity is his goal, his tool is improvisation.

Kris Defoort & Wolter Wierbos 

(27.02.10 Beursschouwburg, Brussels)


Wolter Wierbos is considered one of the leading trombonists in the world. Together with musicians such as Han Bennink, he ‘s part of the unique ICP Orchestra of Misha Mengelberg. He is known for his interactions, creativity, spirit and flexible attitude.Together with Kris Defoort he stood for an intriguing and vibrant mix of styles and influences.

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