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Kris Defoort composed a new songcycle for his long time "musical companion": the Hungarian singer/improviser Veronika Harcsa.

This project's repertoire brings joyful, melancholic, sparkling & peaceful musical reflections on poems by Theodore Roethke, Peter Verhelst, William Blake, Fernando Pessoa and others.

The duo will be joined by 3 master musicians: Lode Vercampt on cello, Jean-Philippe Poncin on clarinets and Benjamin Sauzereau on guitar.

This collection of colourful music embraces the human voice in all its facets, where improvised compositions mingle with composed improvisations. Premiered live in February 2023, album release and tour in Autumn 2023.

Veronika Harcsa (voice)
Kris Defoort (piano)
Lode Vercampt (cello)
Jean-Philippe Poncin (clarinets)
Benjamin Sauzereau (guitar)
Vincent Debast (sound engineer / electronics)

(c) Stefaan Temmerman 

Kris Defoort & Veronika Harcsa

This project is commissioned and co-produced by Concertgebouw Bruges.

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