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Together with vocal artist Veronika Harcsa and three fellow master musicians, Kris Defoort forms a chamber orchestra in the strict sense of the word with Pieces of Peace, although they are by no means restricted to that one idiom.


As an experienced opera and classical composer, Kris Defoort dribbles the timbres, harmonies, dynamics and, if you like, drama of a complete (opera) orchestra through these compositions, supplemented by an inescapable layer of jazz, obviously the other form of music that remains continuously prominent in Kris' life and DNA.   

Intimate and joyful, playful and complex, lyrical and rhythmic, ... and layered and full of detail, each track on the eponymous record unfolds like a story in itself.

The album of this project was released on October 6th 2023 via W.E.R.F. Records. More info here

Veronika Harcsa (voice)
Kris Defoort (piano)
Lode Vercampt (cello)
Jean-Philippe Poncin (clarinets)
Benjamin Sauzereau (guitar)
Vincent Debast (sound engineer / electronics)

(c) Stefaan Temmerman 

Kris Defoort & Veronika Harcsa

This project is commissioned and co-produced by Concertgebouw Bruges.

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