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How can the incomprehensible be understood? Where can the truth be found? A heavy storm chases the land from the sea. Mankind, distraught, undergoes violence and wanders aimlessly through the dunes. On the beach, surrounded by swirling water, lies the Leviathan, the monster. He is seen as a sign, as something to be understood. Only then will the sea calm down, will the storm lie down, can everyone go his own way again...

The Leviathan (Hebrew: לִוְיָתָן, liwjatan, "the winding one") is a sea monster, dating back to the prehistoric times, which is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. The animal was already known in Phoenician mythology of ancient Canaan under the name Lotan or Lothan, as a snake. In his short story 'Leviathan' (1991), the Dutch writer P.F. Thomése leaves the monster stranded in the 16th century Noordwijk aan Zee, to the dismay of the inhabitants of the fishing village.

Josse De Pauw brings the story of Thomése on stage. In collaboration with Kris Defoort at the piano. And in a new sound environment by Céline Bernard, in which De Pauw's text and Defoort's compositions, improvisations and recorded orchestral work can grow and thrive. Three people on stage, each with their own art and skill, bring a listening game to life.

(c) Kurt Van der Elst 

LOD / Josse De Pauw & Kris Defoort

concept, adaptation, text & play: Josse De Pauw

composition, improvisation & performance: Kris Defoort

artiste bruiteuse: Céline Bernard

text: P.F. Thomése

techniek: Brecht Beuselinck

production management: Kristel Deweerdt

production: LOD music theatre with the support of the tax shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government tax shelter-partner Flanders Tax Shelter.

All info & credits: LOD Muziektheater

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